Blues After
mid. Oct 2023


Some of the most brilliant Blues dancers & instructors will be in Athens!
Classes schedule


We have specifically selected instructors representing a wide range of blues dance styles to create a complete learning experience!
Their goal is to deepen your understanding of the Blues: its history, dance styles/idioms, techniques and inspire you to have better and more fun dances!

Adamo & Vicci

Gas & Alba

Alex & Ioanna

Dara & Bibi

Themed Classes with

Hamed & Lotte

Ewan Duncan



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Choose your level carefully and be honest with your abilities.

Level descriptions tell you which classes you’ll get the most out of - nothing more!

The level you’re in:

  • doesn’t make you more or less cool/smart/likeable!
  • means absolutely nothing about how people perceive you as a person!
  • is not an indication of how fun dancing with you can be!

Attending a level higher than your abilities can end up being disappointing!

It is common for people to expect higher levels to include fancier moves etc.

In reality, high levels often focus on subtle but significant details which you might miss if you don’t have a good understanding of the underlying techniques.

Level descriptions

Classes Venues

All classes will be held in «Kato Petralona» area, just a few minutes from «Kerameikos» metro station.

Stomping Ground

Our own studio, created with love and lots of personal, hard work!

  • Address: Sfittion 10, Athens 11854
  • Map

Alkmini Theater

A beautiful, old theater with two big stages for our classes.

  • Address: Alkminis 8-12, Athens 11854
  • Map


A spacious, beautiful dance studio just a few blocks away.

  • Address: Thessalonikis 17, Athens 11851
  • Map