20-22 Oct 2023

Alex & Ioanna

Alex and Ioanna are an enthusiastic blues dance couple! They love to share their personal style of Blues dancing through teaching, adore choreographing captivating performances and cherish loooong nights of social dancing!

They are both highly trained dancers; Ioanna has been dancing since she was a child and Alex has been doing it since 2008!

Since 2017 they have been focusing mainly on Blues, travelling around Europe deepening their understanding of Blues dancing and its culture as well as continuously developing their dance and teaching skills!

Thanks to their love & dedication and building on the excitement of the local dancers they have built an explosive Blues dance community in Athens! In just a few years (even through the covid years) it has steadily grown to become an energetic, loving and high leveled community. You might have danced with some of our members around European Blues festivals lately!

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