10 - 14 Oct 2024


Ewan is a blues music and dance nerd from Edinburgh, Scotland! After checking out a blues dance class in 2014, he very quickly became obsessed. Ever since, he has been taking classes and dancing at every opportunity.

As a teacher, Ewan aims to meet his students at their current needs. When he first started dancing he was no natural; lacking body awareness and any musical understanding. This experience allows him to easily empathise with newer dancers and their individual difficulties.

As a White European from Scotland, practicing a Black American art form, he recognises the need to be respectful to the history and culture behind these dances and their music. Ewan does as much research on blues music and its dances as he can and always tries to ground his classes in a context that is appreciative of the roots of blues dancing whilst also acknowledging to his students the limits of his understanding.

And as a dancer, he adores the lead-follow equality of blues, the emphasis on solo body movement and all the various styles and rhythms of the music; from early jazz and acoustic country to electric swingy shuffle and funky soul. At blues parties you will usually find him right in front of the band or DJ, dancing to nearly every song.

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