mid Oct 2024

Gas & Alba

Gas & Alba are Swing and Blues passionate! Devoting as much time as they can in improving as teachers and dancers. Since 2013 they are international dance partners from having traveled from Melbourne, to New York and all over Europe.

They have their hearts in the 30s and their heads in the present getting inspiration from the 30’s clips, the ballroom dances and the music of all times and shapes.

Their style and way of teaching is alive - growing and maturing constantly. Seeking to express themselves, without forgetting the couple connection, they look for 2 individuals that shape one communication, a constant dialogue in the dance, with clear roles, but without a hierarchy!

The authentism of their dance and the way they transmit their knowledge inspire everyone who takes part in their classes. Highlighting the importance of the music and culture behind it they seek the most natural way to dance to it and searching the essence of every movement in the rhythm

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