20-22 Oct 2023


Choose wisely!
Levels are just to facilitate a better learning experience!
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Keep in mind

  • Lots of thought has been put into the level descriptions to allow for great classes.
    Be honest with yourself when deciding.
  • Teachers and organizers may move you to a level more suitable for you or to meet the festivals needs and ensure the best learning experience.
  • There will be auditions for level D.
    • In order to audition you must register for level C and select the option for the audition.
    • Auditions will most likely be on Saturday morning.

No Blues dance experience?

Level A


  • I have taken a Blues beginner course before and been dancing blues for a few months up to ~1 year
  • I am able to lead/follow basic moves (basic steps, travelling, simple turns etc)
  • I know a few solo moves, variations and rhythms (fishtails, four corners etc)
  • I have a basic understanding of the close embrace
  • I can differentiate between different Blues music styles

Level B


  • I have been actively dancing Blues for more than a year
  • I can comfortably lead/follow basic moves and some more complex ones
  • I am comfortable with more than a few solo moves
  • My close embrace usually feels quite good
  • I know what Blues idioms are and can recognize some of them
  • I am aware of the music and try to match it with my dancing

Level C


  • I have been actively dancing Blues at least 2 years and have been to a few international events
  • Most of the time I can get a very good connection with a partner.
    Leading/following fairly complex moves is not an issue
  • I have a solid and varied dance vocabulary, good quality of movement and control of my body
  • I am very comfortable with the close embrace technique
  • I have taken classes in some Blues idioms before
  • I am confident dancing to most Blues music styles and my dancing will match the music

Level D

(Very experienced)

  • I have been actively dancing Blues for a long time and have been to more international events than I can remember
  • It is rare that I can’t connect with a partner at least well enough to share an enjoyable dance
  • Quality of movement, Blues aesthetic and combining layers of dancing (rhythms, shapes, dynamics etc) are at the core of my movement
  • No matter the style of Blues music, if it has a good groove, I can confidently dance to it and match the music!
  • I can copy moves quite easily and figure out the technique required to make it work
  • I enjoy learning new concepts and exploring how to apply them to my own dancing
  • (Requires audition)