mid Oct 2024

Master Classes

Masterclasses are designed to challenge your dancing in new and unexpected ways!

We asked teachers to think outside the box and teach something that gets them excited for dancing!

These are not strictly Blues dance classes but related to either the Blues or a dance concept/technique that will make you a better dancer!

❱ These are separate from the main classes

Must be booked independently.
❱ Anyone can attend

No matter if you have a full, party or no pass at all.

Price: 20€ per class
❱ Open Level

But will include challenges for even the most advanced dancers!

Read the descriptions below and…
Add them to your registration

Solo Blues with friends

with Shob & Andy | Friday at 16:30

We share one of our favourite things..solo blues with friends!

Learn how to trade phrases, draw inspiration, share rhythms as well as affirm and appreciate our friends!

How can we lift them up as we dance together and bring out the best in us both!

Rhythm Toolkit for Blues dancers

with Adamo | Friday at 17:45

Starting from the beat and the importance of the back-beat we will explore many blues rhythm and (hopefully) by the end of the class you will be able to identify, name and dance a specific one.

Do you know what's the difference between a swung rhythm and a straight one? Or the difference between the triplets from the rock beat? How about the family link between the triplets and the shuffle and the triple? Is Piedmont straight or swung? And a rumba?

After the class you will feel empowered and excited about learning even more about blues music. You will also see your dance change as you slowly recognize more and more intuitively the rhythm changes in a song.

I look forward to geeking out with you all!

Circle dancing and the power of communities in dancing

with Bibi | Friday at 19:00

This class is about building a sense of community in one of the most classic form of dancing: the circle.

In many different cultures, this form of dance represents an ode to the strength, bonds and power of the community. It’s about togetherness, connections, equality and support.

If you are looking for historical content, celebrating your fellow dancers with a strong feeling of community and a great dose of fun… then this is the class for you!

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