20-22 Oct 2023

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with Lotte & Hamed

We keep hearing that «Blues dancers are constantly behind the beat or “lag” to varying degrees».

  • What's this "Lag" people are talking about?
  • Why is it a part of blues dance characteristics?
  • How to create it?
  • Where to use it?
  • How is it connected to the music?

... and more you will get at Lotte & Hamed's themed class about «Lag»!

Sand Dancing [solo]

with Ewan Duncan

Originally taking its name from dancers covering a floor with sand, sand dancing encompasses a wide variety of cool slidy footwork across the range of Black American dance styles like blues and jazz.

In this class we will go over many fun steps and take inspiration from great dancers like James Brown, Harriet Browne and Sammy Davis Jr. 

Important note: Slippery shoes or socks are needed for this class to make the steps easier. 

Dance Storytelling [concept]

with Bibi

What does it mean to be a community? To be in the dance? In the moment? In our own body?

In this class we will connect with these ideas and feelings, explore them, let them move us… and surprise us! 

If you are looking for a deeply touching and emotional experience… this is the class for you! There are beautiful stories to tell in each of you… so let’s dance them out!

Living Traditions - Country Blues [talk]

with Dara

What's so great about Delta Blues, Piedmont Blues, and Mississippi Hill Country Blues?

Join me on a winding journey from the Mississippi Delta to the foothills of the Appalachian mountains and I'll introduce you to some of the greatest blues musicians who ever lived!