Blues After
mid. Oct 2023

Blues Fathers & The Swingers

The Blues Fathers make the dance floor explode with energy every time they play for a dance crowd in Athens! Are you ready for them?

They Blues Fathers have been very active in the vibrant Blues scene of Athens since 2007! They’re constantly "on the road" taking their audiences on a musical journey from the Mississippi Delta to Chicago and NY!

They're true blues fanatics, drawing inspiration from Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and all the other original bluesmen!

Joining them just for our festival will be lead singer & guitarist Akis Kakagis!

With a great vocal range and a wide variety to his repertoire, he likes experimenting with various genres, but his love for the Blues is prominent.

He has been a member of plenty Athenian Blues bands, as a lead singer, guitarist and songwriter, and has performed alongside well-known bands and musicians. 

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