10 - 14 Oct 2024

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All the info you'll need during the weekend is on this page!

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Welcome (back) to Athens!

We’re excited to be hosting the 2nd edition of Blues After Hours!
Since last year our local scene has grown even bigger:

All this makes us extremely excited for this edition of «Blues After Hours»!

If you know us, you know we’ve put our whole hearts into it.
We hope you enjoy every part of it: the classes, venues, music & of course the beauties and delicacies the city of Athens has to offer!

See you on the dance floor,
Alex, Ioanna
and a group of crazy, excited & loving volunteers!

Before the festival Check-in Classes Parties Map of venues Contact

Before the festival


If you’re in town on Friday afternoon, don’t miss this new, exciting class format we’ve added!

These classes will challenge you in new and unexpected ways!

Check them out

Themed classes

Make sure you have selected the Theme Class you want to attend.

You will be notified via email about which you’ve been assigned to and where they’ll be taught (or you can ask at the front desk).

Useful info

❱ Our home-base is our own studio, the Stomping Ground, where you’ll find a volunteer ready to help during all class hours.

All other classes venues are 2-5 mins from there (except RH studio where we only have 1 class and is ~12 mins from our studio)

Bring cash!
You will need it at the Thu night dinner & the Sun night party venue!

Also to buy the beautiful festival T-Shirts & tote bags that will be available!

Greek Dinner (Thu night)

If you registered for the «Thu night side-event» and you’ve been accepted/confirmed (check here), you can join us at the Greek tavern with live music!

If you’ve registered but won’t make it, please help avoid food waste by deleting it from your registration by Oct 16th!

Here are the details
❭ Remember to bring cash!

Gastronomy Tour (Fri morning)

Get to know Athens... through tastings of local delicacies from all over Greece.

More Info & Bookings

❭ Book till Oct 17th 


Before attending any party or class you must collect your bracelet*.


If you arrive early and are planning to come to the tavern you can check-in early!

@ «Stomping Ground» from 19:30 to 21:00


  • 16:15 - 19:30 @ «Stomping Ground»
  • from 21:00 @ party venue


  • Levels A & D from 11:00 @ «Stomping Ground»
  • Level B from 11:00 @ «Alkimini Theater»
  • Solo track from 12:30 @ «Alkimini Theater»
  • Level C from 14:00 @ «Stomping Ground»

* The bracelets are crochet, hand-made with love by @Bernadette Crochet. We hope you keep them as a souvenir for quite some time after the festival. You can find some of Bernadettes’ creations at our studio.


 Classes schedule

Class Venues

Stomping Ground

Address: Sfittion 10, Athens 11854 -- 1st floor Map


Address: Thessalonikis 17, Athens 11851 Map

Themed classes

Lunch breaks

There is a supermarket right across the street from our studio.
This will be your best option for buying snacks to get through the classes!

This is not open on Sunday!

During the Saturday break there will be some snacks available at our studio.

These are courtesy of one of our students’ bakery!

The bar on the ground floor of our studio serves good food!
But it will be impossible for them to serve everyone during the lunch break.

Better save this option for after classes, when you’re not in a rush.


Parties Start at 21:30

  • Check-in on Friday night opens at 21:00

First live set at 23:00

  • Parties end at 4am (or till the last survivors call it a night)


❭ Drinks & snacks on Fri & Sat night by Big Mouth bar/catering.
Great drinks at good prices! The feedback from last year was very good!

❭ Bring cash for drinks at the Sun night venue


  • European Emergency number: 112
    (for all types of emergencies)


  • Police: 100
  • Medical Emergencies: 166

Festival related «emergencies»

  • Dimitra (volunteer) +306944639002
  • Marina (volunteer) +306989788941
  • Alex (organizer) +306938024910
  • Ioanna (organizer) +306946088803

We will be quite busy making sure everything is running smoothly so please use these as a last resource if you can’t find a volunteer to help out.

We want to thank Spyros Nakas Musical Instruments for sponsoring part of our instrument needs!