20-22 Oct 2023

Audition for level D

After deliberating with the team and the teachers, we have decided not to hold auditions for group D.

If you had signed up for the audition you are placed in group D!
Check your registration for an «accepted» or «confirmed» status on «Audition for level D»


  1. We encouraged attendees to take level selection seriously when signing up and (from what we can tell from registrations) you did! Thank you for that!
  2. We guided our local students to select the group which we know will be most suitable for them.
    We also worked closely with scene leaders from cities with many attendees to help guide their local students to a suitable level.
  3. Both groups C & D are quite balanced as is. There is no need to move people around just to make the «numbers» work (leader/follower ratio).

All this make us quite confident that the level of dancing on group D will be good!

How can we be sure?

We haven’t completely eliminated the selection process! During the first 2 classes, teachers will keep an eye for anyone that would be more comfortable at a different level and make any necessary changes.

This way…