10 - 14 Oct 2024

Before you register

We’re so glad you’re considering coming to Athens for Blues After Hours!
This year we have a few of improvements:

Partnered classes

There will be 4 levels for partnered dancing! The feedback from last year showed that people were generally happy with the level of dancing in their group!

Please take some time to read the level descriptions carefully and choose wisely when you decide on your level!

There are no planned auditions at the moment. Though we will be managing registrations and depending on that we might add auditions for the highest level.

Solo Track

We’re introducing a Solo Track for people that are eager to focus on their individual dancing and quality of movement!

These classes will be focusing on solo dancing, but will surely help you with your partnered dancing as well!

Solo Track teachers will include: Vicci, Kenneth, Ewan + more to be announced soon!

Friday Masterclasses

We have some very cool ideas about some specialty classes on Friday afternoon!
These will be masterclasses (not necessarily dancing) that you will be able to book separately at a later time.

We’ll let you know when they’re announced.
Just try to get to Athens early on Friday!

Thursday night side-event

Even though last year it was a last minute thought, people loved it!
This year we’re organizing it even better!

If enough people are in town from Thursday night we will arrange a get-together to meet you all before the festival officially starts (either a pre-party or a night at a tavern with Greek food & music).

You’re all set to sign up now!
We’re eager to see you in Athens for a weekend full of music, dancing and learning!

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