mid Oct 2024

Round Midnight Blues Festival (Athens)

It’s been so long since 2019, it's now past midnight...
It's after hours!
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«Round Midnight» was the first Blues festival that put Athens, Greece on the European Blues dance map!

It was organized by Alex & Mariangela with the assistance of Ioanna and our tiny (at the time) but enthusiastic Blues community in Athens!

Its’ dual purpose

Get Blues dancers and musicians from around the world to experience Athens and bring some of their talent to our hometown.

Inspire the local community to get hooked with the Blues (dancing and music) and allow our community to grow!

And it succeeded without a doubt!

Blues dancers from all over the world had a wondrous time and created beautiful memories and friendships, while the Blues dance community in Athens was ecstatic!

For many Round Midnight holds a special place in their heart as it was their last Blues dance festival before the pandemic hit Europe and all events were cancelled!

So, what now?

Many things changed during covid:

Now Alex & Ioanna are getting ready to bring the Blues back to Athens with our new «Blues After Hours Festival»!

Check it out!

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