20-22 Oct 2023

Parnassos Literary Society

A historic building with a breathtaking ballroom!

Parnassos Literary Society is located on Karytsi square, a favorite nightlife destination for locals and one of the must-visit areas of Athens if you want to have a great time!

Parnassos Club is housed in a private mansion of magnificent architecture. On the 1st floor you’ll find a breathtaking concert hall with great dance floor for our parties!

The societies’ history

Parnassos Literary Society, the oldest literary society in mainland Greece, was founded in 1865 to contribute to the spiritual, and social improvement of the Greek people through its events.

The club quickly became well-known and functioned as a sort of Academy with literary, archaeological, legal, artistic and even scientific sections. It organized lectures, exhibitions, and various competitions. In 1872 it opened a night school for destitute children.


Venue for Friday & Saturday night
Address: Pl. Agiou Georgiou Karitsi 8,
Athens 105 61

  • Dress up to match the beautiful,
    classy atmosphere of the venue!
  • Be respectful to the
    building and its’ history!

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